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After the Diagnosis: MTC Memoirs - a book for anyone touched by cancer


Introducing "After the Diagnosis: Medullary Thyroid Cancer Memoirs"

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This inspiring book about coping with a rare cancer is for anyone touched by any cancer. It's receiving high praise and five-star reviews from readers on Amazon.

The 66 authors bring help, hope, humor, sadness, warmth, and understanding, for anyone’s cancer situation, and for their loved ones, as well as for medical professionals caring for people with cancer.

The beautiful cover photo was taken by Rob Bohning. The book is 373 pages long. Its 84 stories and poems were contributed by patients and family members.

“After the Diagnosis: Medullary Thyroid Cancer Memoirs” is now available on Amazon and from the publisher, Outskirts Press. It's available in hardback, paperback, and Kindle editions.

A paperback version is available for sale through ThyCa. Please use the order form that's linked above to receive it from ThyCa.

Thanks to the authors’ wonderful generosity, all royalties from this book will support ThyCa’s medullary thyroid cancer research grants. 

The copies being sold by ThyCa were donated to ThyCa, so 100% of ThyCa’s sales of this book will support research.

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