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23rd International Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Virtual Conference … watch the presentations for the first time or again


We are very excited by the success of the recently held 23rd International Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Conference. With over 2,300 registrants from 73 countries, we were able to provide valuable support and information to a large audience! More than 75 percent were first-time conference attendees. Over 60 amazing speakers participated. Through the magic of computers and the internet, we were able to share and learn about our common journey. The event was a great success! With more than 500 registrants from outside the United States, the event was truly global. 

To watch the videos, go to the conference website and login using your email and the password you created. If you haven’t logged in yet, it’s not too late to login for the first time. Once you login, click on the auditorium button, and then click on the white screen that lists our sponsors. The agenda will appear, and as you scroll through it, you will have the option to click "play." The videos will remain on this site through November 22, 2020, and will soon be on ThyCa’s YouTube channel.