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ThyCa Publishes 8th Edition of Low Iodine Cookbook, Free and Downloadable, with over 420 Recipes


August 27, 2015—ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association, Inc., is pleased to announce the publication of the 8th Edition of its Free Downloadable Low Iodine Cookbook. 

The cookbook has been expanded from the 7th edition and presents more than 420 recipes. These include soups, salads, dips, vegetables, meat dishes, breakfasts, snacks, breads, desserts, and more, plus dozens of helpful tips from thyroid cancer survivors, and guidelines on the low-iodine diet plus background information from ThyCa medical advisors and research dietitians. 

The free cookbook is used by many thousands of patients and their families each year when using the short-term low-iodine diet while preparing to receive radioactive iodine for a treatment or RAI scan for papillary or follicular thyroid cancer or their variants. 

ThyCa thanks the more than 220 volunteers who shared their favorite recipes, and the many volunteers who shared many helpful tips for making the diet easier. ThyCa invites contributions of original recipes to

The cookbook is downloadable from ThyCa’s home page. It will soon also be available as an ePub on iTunes and GooglePlay, and in its print edition.