Volunteering for ThyCa

ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivo rs' Association, Inc., is an international non-profit organization. We invite you take part in our efforts by becoming a volunteer.

We have one-time tasks that you can do in your home. We also have projects that need regular help, usually on a flexible timetable. Here is our current list of tasks. Every volunteer makes a big difference in our efforts to reach out and support other thyroid cancer survivors, families, and friends.

We believe that volunteering should be fun. We’ll do our best to find a job to match your time and your interests.

You may fill out this form now (see PDF version of this form), put the information in an e-mail message, and e-mail it to volunteer@thyca.org. Or you may print out this form, fill it out later, and give it to one or our volunteers or mail it to ThyCa.

If you have any questions, please send an email to volunteer@thyca.org or leave a message on our toll-free line at 877-588-7904.

Please join us!


Mailing Address (including zip code): ____________________________




Telephone Number: ________________

Best time to call:_______________

How did you learn about ThyCa? _____________________________________


What types of volunteering interest you?

____ Helping with mailings

____ Helping distribute flyers about the ThyCa support groups and

____ Helping with correspondence and records (computer needed)

____ Making phone calls

____ Answering phone calls

____ Helping with conference planning

____ Helping before or at the next conference/local workshop

____ Patient and caregiver peer support services

____ Other: Please give your suggestions: