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No one should have to face a diagnosis of thyroid cancer alone. Your membership will support ThyCa's efforts to reach other survivors and their families around the world.

Membership is open to those with thyroid cancer, caregivers, family members, healthcare professionals and anyone interested in any aspect of thyroid cancer and supporting the work of the Association.

You will enable us to:

  • Maintain our informative website

  • Develop and assist local support groups

  • Maintain email support networks

  • Operate a toll-free hotline along with The Person-To-Person Network

  • Serve as a link between survivors and other cancer, as well as endocrine organizations

  • Develop and distribute publications

  • Participate at endocrine conferences

  • Sponsor our annual survivors’ conference

The cost for ThyCa Membership is only $25 (US) for a one-year membership, $45 for a two-year membership, or $225 (US) for a lifetime membership. A letter of thanks and membership card will be sent as confirmation of your membership.

For additional information or to update existing information, send email to, or write to: PO Box 1102, Olney, MD 20830-1102, or telephone toll-free 877-588-7904.


ThyCa Membership Committee

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No identifying information will be made known to any person or organization outside of ThyCa.

Updated April 24,2023