Support Groups

Our support groups are free and open to any and all survivors and their families and friends. In these groups, people share thyroid cancer information, their experiences with their thyroid cancer, and insights on how they are coping with thyroid cancer, and support.
Special Interest Support Groups

We are excited to announce that ThyCa now has special virtual interest support groups that meet regularly via Zoom or other online discussion tools. These groups are free and open to anyone affected by a situation related to the special interest. These groups may also provide support by phone and email. Click the group link below for more details.

Specialty Virtual GroupGroup Name
Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer Anaplastic Support Group
Low Iodine Diet and RAI LID and RAI Support Group
Medullary Thyroid Cancer MTC Support Group
Pediatric Thyroid Cancer Pediatric Support Group
Poorly Differentiated Thyroid Cancer Poorly Differentiated Support Group
Radioactive Iodine Resistant RAI Resistant Support Group
Teens with Thyroid Cancer Teens Support Group
Young Adults with Thyroid Cancer Young Adult Support Group

Local Support Groups

Some ThyCa support group meeting sites have begun opening for in-person meetings. We realize not all locations will open for the foreseeable future. As such, ThyCa will continue to hold virtual meetings.

You're welcome to participate in any virtual group meeting, even if you don't live near where that group normally meets. 

Click here for a printable list of all groups that hold virtual meetings sorted by when they meet. Note that sometimes groups change their schedules for a given month because of holidays, etc. Therefore, you should check the group's web page each month to confirm a given meeting.

All groups are listed below with one of the following codes to identify how they provide support.

L  Live in-person meetings 
V  Virtual meetings (Zoom, etc.)
H  Hybrid meetings held in-person with virtual coverage
P  Phone and/or email support only  

If you are interested in starting a support group in your area, please contact the ThyCa Support Group Coordinator at Or you can do either of the following:

View our interactive Google® maps showing all ThyCa support groups:

US State index: A  B  C  D  F  G  H  I  K  M  N  O  P  S  T  V  W
International Index: Greece Honduras Ireland

Please note: Our web site and free support services are for education and support. They are not for commercial use. You are welcome to contact ThyCa to learn more about thyroid cancer and to participate in our support groups and events. Please do not use ThyCa's email address links to send solicitations or marketing messages for businesses or fundraisers.

ThyCa Support Groups - State Email List

Note: Some groups do not hold regular meetings, but provide phone and/or email support. Their web pages also list other nearby groups, if any.

City or Region
Alabama P  Columbus, GA 
P  Mobile 
P  Opelika 
Arizona P  Chandler -- ThyCa East Valley
V  Tucson
California P  Benicia -- ThyCa Solano County
 Foster City -- ThyCa Silicon Valley
P  Los Angeles -- ThyCa North LA County
V  Mountain View --ThyCa South Silicon Valley
V  Newport Beach -- ThyCa Orange County
V  Redondo Beach -- ThyCa South Bay
L  Sacramento -- ThyCa Sacramento Valley
P  San Bernardino 
P  San Diego
V  Santa Cruz
Colorado L  Colorado Springs
V  Denver
P  Glenwood Springs -- ThyCa Western Slopes
Connecticut P  Stratford -- ThyCa Southern Connecticut
P  Waterbury
Dist. of Columbia V  Washington -- ThyCa Silver Spring, MD
Florida  Hollywood -- ThyCa S. Broward County
V  Jacksonville
P  Melbourne -- ThyCa Space Coast South
P  Miami -- Spanish and English
P  Orlando
H  Sarasota-Manatee
V  Tampa
V  South Florida -- ThyCa Tri-counties
Georgia V  Atlanta
P  Columbus
P  Opelika, AL
Greece L  Athens
Honduras V  Tegucigalpa
Idaho P  Hayden -- Northern Idaho & Spokane
Illinois V  Chicago
Indiana P  Evansville 
Iowa P  Cedar Rapids Corridor
Ireland P  Dublin -- ThyCa Ireland
Kansas P  Coffeyville -- ThyCa Southeast Kansas
P  Kansas City, MO -- ThyCa KANMO
P  North Kansas City, MO
Kentucky P  Lexington
P  Pikeville
Maine P  Falmouth 
P  Scarborough
Maryland V  Baltimore
V  Silver Spring -- Washington, DC
Massachusetts V  Boston
Michigan P  Ann Arbor -- ThyCa SE Michigan
V  Troy
Mississippi P  Tupelo
Missouri P  Kansas City -- ThyCa KANMO
P  North Kansas City
V  St. Louis
Nebraska P  Lincoln
New Jersey P  Trenton -- ThyCa Central Jersey
L  Vineland -- ThyCa Southern Jersey
V  Wood-Ridge -- ThyCa Bergen County 
New York P  Bronx -- email only
P  Syracuse
V  Manhasset -- ThyCa Long Island
V  Manhattan
P  Rochester -- email only
P  Troy -- ThyCa Otsego County
North Carolina P  Greensboro -- ThyCa Piedmont, email only
V  Raleigh
Ohio P  Canton
V  Cleveland
P  Columbus
H  Toledo
Oklahoma P  Oklahoma City
P  Tulsa
Oregon P  Bend
P  Portland
Tri-Cities, WA -- phone/e-mail support
Pennsylvania H  Bethlehem -- ThyCa Greater Lehigh Valley
V  NW Philadelphia -- ThyCa NW Philly
P  Pittsburgh 
V  Southampton -- ThyCa Bucks County
South Carolina P  Myrtle Beach
Tennessee P  Memphis -- email only
P  Nashville
Texas P  Amarillo
V  Dallas
Vermont P  Northern Vermont
Virginia P  Arlington -- ThyCa Northern Virginia
P  Williamsburg
Washington P  Hayden, ID -- Northern Idaho & Spokane
V  Seattle
V  Vancouver
Wisconsin V  Madison


US State index: A  B  C  D  F  G  H  I  K  M  N  O  P  S  T  V  W
International Index: Greece Honduras Ireland 

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