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La Crosse, Wisconsin Launches Its ThyCa Support Group on May 2, 2016; Dr. Blanke To Join Meeting on June 10


Balloons in the international thyroid cancer colors decorated the room.  Participants also enjoyed a delicious gluten-free cake, baked onsite and decorated with the ThyCa logo. 

Lorraine Rose Decker, Facilitator, introduced the keynote speaker, Timothy Lau, EMT/Firefighter and Facilitator of the ThyCa Madison, Wisconsin, Support Group.  Tim delivered an excellent presentation with diagrams on the thyroid gland and thyroid cancer. 

Linda Riddle, Member Services Manager of People’s Food Co-op, who welcomed the group to their meeting location, introduced the options at the Co-op, including organic foods, herbs, and the knowledgeable wellness staff. 

Robin Moses, Executive Director of Downtown Mainstreet, Inc. (DMI) expressed her delight in having a thyroid cancer educational and support group meeting in downtown La Crosse.  She shared some healthy activities that DMI is sponsoring this year. 

Denise Malone, Cancer Coordinator of the YMCA Livestrong Program her free exercise program for cancer survivors and their families.  Staff and volunteers have received certified training to work with cancer survivors. 

Lorraine Rose Decker shared that she chose to start a thyroid cancer support group because she needs the support and none was available in the area.  She believed that there were others out there who also needed support.  Extolling Tim Lau for being her inspiration, she chose May 2nd for the launch -- as May 11th was to be her five-year survivorship anniversary! 

Clad in the thyroid cancer colors, other guests included five of Lorraine’s ten children. One flew in from North Carolina. Two thyroid cancer survivors from out of town were also in attendance. 

The La Crosse group’s next meeting will take place on June 10th. The speaker will be Scott Blanke, M.D., Mayo Otolaryngologist and thyroid tumor surgeon, who will also join ThyCa La Crosse as co-Facilitator.

The group’s web page has more details.